A rarely voiced point of view

When it comes to politics, I like to hold my tongue, avoid conversations, and turn off the news. I have strong opinions but feel so helpless when it comes to influencing our nation’s government.

However, I feel like I simply have to write this post and make some type of effort. The fact is, our nation is spiraling downward and headed for a major change in government. It is my opinion that we will be under the strong influence of other nations and groups very soon due to our debt, causing us to lose many of our freedoms, and perhaps completely crumble.

From 2000-2010 our national debit has increased 140% from $5.6 trillion to $13.6 trillion. http://www.treasurydirect.gov/govt/reports/pd/histdebt/histdebt_histo5.htm

It is now at $16 Trillion. http://www.mygovcost.org/2012/09/16/who-owns-the-u-s-national-debt-summer-2012-edition/

I am pleased to see from this graph that China doesn’t nearly own us like I thought they did. But the fact is, our nation is living outside of its means -truly, the understatement of the century!

Meanwhile the median income for households continues to decline since our “recovery” began. This statistic is published in many places, but just to point out a few:



And of course, one non-liberal media site points out the obvious misleading of mainstream media: http://www.foxnews.com/opinion/2012/10/01/what-media-isnt-telling-about-our-economy/

I realize these are a lot of links, but I like to support my opinions with some research. I ask myself, what’s the limit of our debt before we are forced to operate the way those who have provided substantial support want us to? When do we start changing our policies towards terrorists groups and governments because we are weakened by our debt crisis?

How many people are hearing that the economy is “improving” but not seeing it for themselves? For example, my husband cannot find better work than a menial hourly job that is of a lower status than he had when he first started with his company. He has a master’s degree in Engineering, Project Management and has been a manager (even 2nd in command) for more than 8 years! Now we move to another state and he can’t even find a position somewhere in the middle of where he’s at now and what he had.

The rental rates in Los Angeles, where our condo is located are falling. The value of our home bought at the end of 2009 (still deep in recession) has dropped $100,000+! We were led to believe real estate was improving…but not only are we not seeing that, and not seeing even stagnation, we are seeing the opposite to be true!

Our neighbor has been out of work for 10 months. She was a property manager for a company who has several apartment properties. My company, owned by a group of physicians, is seeing a drop in collections because people cannot afford to pay their bills.

Meanwhile, people are out there voting for Obama without knowing an ounce of his policies. He’s a talented public speaker who uses a lot of nice sounding terms and catch phrases and let’s face it, he’s our first black president which is a great, “moving forward” step for our nation. But none of those reasons are valid for supporting him.

Again I say all this because I feel it has to be said and will now go back to my feeling of discouragement in our Congress and government as a whole. There are some major changes that need to be made and stubborn people on both party lines who forget how they were put into office in the first place (i.e. voters) and refuse to move forward.

I wish a super committee would find factual, well designed plans from non-politicians (but rather, economists and other such experts) and then be forced to put them into place. Oh to dream.


One thought on “A rarely voiced point of view

  1. I agree with you. Unfortunately every President IS advised by several groups of advisors. The Council of Economic Advisors, FED chairman and Board of Governors. But I don’t see the economic improvement I hear about on tv

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